Who I am!

So its simple.. I live in Montreal.. But my home is Amman Jordan! My name is Rama Hijjawi! I think coffee runs through my veins but then again, I’m not a doctor, so I cant tell. Okay yeah that was a joke, but I thought to let you know just how much I enjoy drinking coffee.. Its now Jan 28th 2013, and my countdown has started… Count down to what? Well leaving Montreal of course! 😦 Yes it breaks my heart too! So I’ve been told a million times, well ok not a million but enough times to know that I should seriously think about starting blog. But I’ll be honest, I don’t really lead that exciting of a life. As I mentioned, I live in the North Pole, THE COLD POLE, where last week it was -45 degrees.. and yes its possible for a thermometer to reach that low or should I say high? Regardless, it was freezing. I stayed at home personally..I baked, and ‘studied’ and baked and oh yeah worked out.. Did I mention that I’m a gym freak? No? Oh well, now you know. I enjoy it! Its fun and I love running most of all.. It makes me feel like I’m flying.. And yes I do fly. Thank you very much. n514292718_1134610_3831