Happy valentines day!!! 🙂 a day late.. 😛
First of I need to start by apologizing to everyone for the lack of posts but I had midterms this past week, so I honestly did not have the time.
Anyways, so I finished midterms yesterday and what did I do to celebrate the end of midterms? I go to my favorite breakfast place the next day; Eggspectations!!! Yummyy!! Anyone who has been to Montreal or lived/lives here knows just how good it is! And to my great joy they changed their menues and added new dishes!!! And it was too goood!! If you haven’t been their recently then you should defiantly give it a try!
I ordered the eggshuberent which comes with your choice of eggs, pancakes, potatoes and choice of sausage or smoked meat ( I love the smoked meat)!
In all honestly eggspectation has a very corny name and every dish is called something just as creative but each dish is honestly taster than the other. The decor of the place is fun, typical for a Montrealer but I love it! The service is great, friendly and helpful! The only downside of this place is that on sundays you might have to wait to be seated for brunch.
My friend ordered the southwest omelete which was an omelete with three types of cheese alongside peppers and onions topped with sour cream and their famous salsa sauce and finally an avocado! She however, order the sauces and avocado on the side so you won’t see them in the pictures!



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