Home-made cupcakes!

Home-made cupcakes!

Today I had the opportunity to try home-made cupcakes baked by Amina Samy. I have often heard how amazing these cupcakes are but never had the chance to try them. Today when I saw them I was so excited and thrilled I could not stop myself, I had 3 diferent flavors! and all I could say is WOW! They were amazing!!! I’ve posted pictures I took of them but pictures could not do these cupcakes justice! I honestly did not believe that they were homemade but they are. And they look soo pretty!!
She made Nutella cupcakes (which tasted divine), Salted carmel (I don’t like it much but hers were honestly yummy) and the last which were my favirote for oh so many reason where cookie dough cupcakes!!!!!!!! (YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYY!!)
P.s if you haven’t figured yet, I have a strong sweet tooth, and cupcakes are always the best sugar fix.
P.S.S Amina, thanks for the cupcakes! They were good! 🙂



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