I recently came across this band thats from Lebanon and they are so good. They called Adonis!
its sort of folk but it has this sort of character that you don’t find these days very often in Arabic songs. They’re Lebanese and they are honestly amazing!! Its so chill but so fun! It’s hard to explain them!


How to stay warm in cold days like these in Montreal..

So its freezing.. but you all know that.. its Montreal after all.. Well you can’t stay at home all day every day, now can you? I don’t know about you but I can’t! It drives me crazy!! So I’m going to give you suggestions to at least be able to deal with the cold weather better.. Don’t be afraid of the cold, be ready for it!
First thing I would say is LAYER! Just keep on adding layers, its freezing and you wont feel warm from a shirt and a cardigan or hoodie, you need to really put on some layers, and I will give you about the number that would keep me warm, I get cold fast though, so if you don’t get as cold as I do, then take off some of the layers that you don’t think are needed..
Layer one: Undershirt. Just an average white or black spagetti shirt. This is to keep your stomach and chest area warm.
Layer two: T-shirt. White, black, red, green, gray and blue.. whatever color you usually wear..
Layer three: thin wool cardigan, not to thick that you can’t wear on top of it anything and not too thin it won’t help keep you warm inside where ever it is that you are going to be in.. In my case, class or the library.
Layer four: A thicker cardigan, you know which ones I’m talking about the big huge thick one, I like the knit ones mostly, I find they give you a stylish look along with great warmth.. and the bigger they are, the cozier you feel…
Layer five: Scarf’s. You need a thick heavy knit scarf, trust me its a big secret to stay warm. Mine is huge.. It is taller than I am and it keeps me so warm I love it. If the temperature is above -5 C I can’t wear it, its too hot..
Now how about the pants! Simple! JEANS DONT WORK!! don’t convince yourself otherwise. I stick to leggings. Well 2 leggings on top of one another… But not two thick one.. One relatively thin and one thicker one. Logically; thin under, thick above.
Socks? 2 or 3 depending on what shoes your wearing. Uggs and the likes 1 layer… Rain boots: Thickest socks you have and underneath them I wear a layer of normal socks! Ha I know whats normal socks? They’re the ones that you would wear anywhere any day, any time and in any weather!
So! Yeah I think thats about it! Don’t forget your winter coat (THE MAIN REASON YOU’RE WARM), gloves, ear muffs and go out there and face the cold! Walk fast though but be careful of slipping! Roads might be icy… Good luck and if you have any questions please comment below I’ll be more than happy to answer you 🙂


So I know what you’re all thinking and no its not true. You cant eat like a pig and then go work out.. You can’t out exercise a bad diet.. I’ll tell you simply from logic, I’m not going to use any smart words or any of that stuff, its going to be simple.. I mean no one really thinks in a very complicated words now do they.. Well sometimes they do but not always you know! Anyways! You cant out-exercise a bad diet because of two reasons in my opinion; number one would be that a lovely fit body need 20% in the GYM and 80% in the KITCHEN! Also, when you work out you need to give your body the right food that will fuel your body the right way, and I’m not talking about giving it a cupcake everyday because your body needs it to be happy, NO! that’s more your brain (mental state) that needs to be happy or so we convince ourselves. .. What you need is more like fruits, nuts, proteins, its called CLEAN EATING.. Look it up, or since I’m writing this for you I might as well define what clean eating is. Apparently there is more than way in which one could start eating clean, some do it by removing all chemicals from their diets and bodies, while others which is what I am doing, is eating lots of plants (things that come from nature) I tend to stay away from anything that food corporations dealt with or altered. I also eat meats! I mean come on man I’m Arab we love our meat but I don’t over do it, I swear just like a few times a day… HA! That’s a joke by the way, I’m high sarcastic at times, more so than I should be but then again its all good.. Ok sorry we drifted off topic, ok ok I’m back on to clean eating, meats… Just eat them in Moderation and get the fresh ones, not the frozen dinner that’s already cooked and just takes 5 minutes in the microwave… No get the cooked one, the one that you don’t put in the microwave but rather the one you put in the oven or on top of the oven that’s what I’m talking about… Eat grains, you know brown rice whole wheat and other whole grains.. They’re good for you I promise. And always remember to read the labels, check that the sugar in the food is not too high if it’s a snack, and remember consider your sugar part of your carbs. Oh and my last point would be eat every 2-3 hours keeps your full so you wont crave that cupcake or in my case, that waffle (I’ll introduce you to the love of my life soon..)

Who I am!

So its simple.. I live in Montreal.. But my home is Amman Jordan! My name is Rama Hijjawi! I think coffee runs through my veins but then again, I’m not a doctor, so I cant tell. Okay yeah that was a joke, but I thought to let you know just how much I enjoy drinking coffee.. Its now Jan 28th 2013, and my countdown has started… Count down to what? Well leaving Montreal of course! 😦 Yes it breaks my heart too! So I’ve been told a million times, well ok not a million but enough times to know that I should seriously think about starting blog. But I’ll be honest, I don’t really lead that exciting of a life. As I mentioned, I live in the North Pole, THE COLD POLE, where last week it was -45 degrees.. and yes its possible for a thermometer to reach that low or should I say high? Regardless, it was freezing. I stayed at home personally..I baked, and ‘studied’ and baked and oh yeah worked out.. Did I mention that I’m a gym freak? No? Oh well, now you know. I enjoy it! Its fun and I love running most of all.. It makes me feel like I’m flying.. And yes I do fly. Thank you very much. n514292718_1134610_3831